StaaS for Manuacturing

When Storage Space is Low, Manufacturers Should Consider Storage as a Service

Manufacturers that reach capacity for on-premises storage have two options. Until recently, the default option for many manufacturers was to continue storing data on-premises by purchasing a new EMC box. Though this option may have the benefit of being a familiar data storage strategy, it may not be the best option for every manufacturer. New EMC boxes often require provisioning hundreds of thousands of dollars in CAPEX while also making it difficult for global firms to share data with employees, partners, vendors, and suppliers located all over the world.

The second option for manufacturers that need more storage space is to consider a StaaS deployment. Storage as a Service is a cloud-based storage option that allows companies to pay for storage from a hybrid cloud service provider as they need it—instead of planning out storage needs for the next three years. For many manufacturers, it provides a more flexible option with better business benefits than an EMC box.

Here are two major benefits of choosing the Storage as a Service model in lieu of a new on-premises EMC box:

StaaS Allows You to Use OPEX Instead of CAPEX: Although manufacturers may not have to contend with increasingly massive file size that other industries face, many manufacturers still maintain thousands of files. As more and more files with modifications and revisions are added to the database, eventually an EMC box will become full.

Storage as a Service allows manufacturers to use OPEX to purchase small amounts of storage at a time. Because cloud-based storage offerings allow you to only pay for what you use, companies that expect to have an additional need to store a few extra files don’t need to provision a few hundred thousand dollars in CAPEX to do so.

Increase Performance for Global Team Members: By the time a product leaves the factory, its design file may have been accessed dozes of times by teams of designers, procurement specialists, and both in-house and outsourced fabricators working from offices and factories all over the world. But when storage boxes approach capacity, multiple people accessing the same file can slow download speeds.

A hybrid cloud deployment is built so that global team members can access files as quickly as if they are stored locally. Manufacturers that leverage StaaS as part of a broader hybrid cloud can reduce the lag in download speeds, contributing to greater productivity across the enterprise.

StaaS Provides Greater Flexibility

Another benefit of StaaS options may emerge over time as more data regulations in the vein of GDPR or Sarbanes Oxley go into effect. Like many other firms, manufacturers must maintain certain pieces of data for lengthy time periods – or in perpetuity. Other laws compel firms to eliminate customer data within short periods of being notified. Storage as a Service offers the flexibility to add or remove storage space as necessary—while also offering greater performance and flexibility compared to on-premises EMC boxes.

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