Flexible, Compliant AND Cost-effective Solutions

When you can’t, or don’t want to expand your IT infrastructure, IPR gives you cost-effective archive solutions to optimize efficiency and performance.

Maybe you’re upgrading your primary systems and need extra space until a migration is complete. Or perhaps a merger has created a temporary need for more storage that will dissipate as resources are combined.

Whatever the cause of your growing needs, we can extend your environment without the heavy capital expense of buying new storage. IPR storage-as-a-service (STaaS) can provide extra storage when you need it.

IPR STaaS offers Flexible,

Scalable Archive Solutions

Employing IPR’s STaaS solutions for your archiving needs enables you to enhance the performance and efficiency of critical applications while keeping costs down and reducing the risk of data corruption and data loss.

With IPR, you get automatic backup and continuous archive copy of your data, which helps you meet regulatory compliance and business continuity requirements while speeding up migrations. We help you formally design an archive catalog, so that your data is properly organized, readily accessible, and set to delete at the right intervals.

Is storage-as-a-service

right for you?

Storage-as-a-service offers multiple benefits, including keeping your data and files safe with an extra layer of protection and encryption. Space, of course, is saved, as are budget dollars that would have gone to more costly, traditional storage models. IPR’s STaaS solution can be combined with any of our other infrastructure solutions.

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