20 Years of Protection

There are two types of IT leaders: those who have already experienced a data breach, and those who will experience a data breach in the future.

Every year, data breaches at large, high-profile companies dominate headlines – but businesses of all sizes are vulnerable to attacks.

While the cost to large businesses may be several millions of dollars, the cost to small and mid-sized businesses may be even higher. Cyber attacks force many small business victims to shut down shortly after an attack due to the daunting costs of recovering data, notifying customers, and lost time to dedicate to day-to-day business.

IPR Secure’s Business resiliency strategy keeps your data secure and allows you to recover it quickly.

To protect your assets, brand reputation, and even your company’s viability, you need a hybrid cloud strategy that protects your organization from new and emerging threats and helps you recover your data in the event of a breach, fire, or other disastrous event.

IPR Secure has everything you need to meet and exceed requirements, whether under regulations, audits or industry standards, on your hybrid cloud security strategy and to proactively keep your environment secure.

Compliance with major security governing bodies

IPR Secure possesses certifications that allow businesses from a variety of highly regulated industries to remain compliant in the protection of their customers’ data. Every year, we renew critical security certificates to ensure our processes and procedures are tested, verified, and compliant with industry standards.

IPR Secure helps clients with HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR, PCI and SSAE-18 SOC2 Type II Report issued annually, with no exceptions noted. 


Prevent attacks with an array of physical and digital security protocols

All of our data hardware is housed in one of our facilities in Wilmington, Delaware or Reading, Pennsylvania. In each facility, we monitor all equipment 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Our doors are always locked and an IPR Secure employee with a security badge accompanies visitors at all times.

Data is encrypted at rest and over the wire and we leverage a number of security products to add additional security, helping clients achieve the highest standard they require with security.

Proactive threaT monitoring and mitigation

Security threats are constantly changing. That’s why IPR Secure is constantly monitoring new and emerging threats and developing and deploying new security strategies to keep your data safe from ransomware attacks, DDoS attacks, and other data breaches.

Additionally, we also advise customers related to best practices regarding secure network and infrastructure to verify the security of firewall and encryption.

Decrease the risk of data breaches and recover your data quickly

Choosing to work with IPR Secure means choosing a partner to help you remain compliant and avoid a costly audit by regulators. Choosing to build your hybrid strategy with IPR means protecting your data from attacks.

But in the highly unlikely event that anything does happen to your data, IPR can help you recover quickly. You can choose from a broad variety of disaster recovery solutions such as backup and instantaneous recovery.

Our team of security experts helps new clients identify the disaster recovery strategy and set attainable RTO-RPO objectives for each workload during a CloudBuilder session, IPR’s program to plan, build, and support your hybrid cloud strategy.

Choose the only hybrid cloud service provider built on protection and recovery.

You can let a sense of dread build up every time you hear another story about a data breach. You can hope that federal regulators won’t come knocking on your door issuing a massive fine.

Or, you can choose a hybrid cloud service provider built on security.

IPR stands for Information Protection Recovery, and we have been in the business of keeping data secure for the last 20 years. We’re looking forward to keeping your organization’s data secure for the next 20 years—and beyond.

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