Private Cloud


Totally dedicated,

isolated infrastructure gives you the utmost control and security for your IT environment


The IPR Dedicated Private Cloud solution is a physically segregated cloud structure that provides enhanced security and performance to clients whose unique needs require it. Powered by VMware vCloud Director, our dedicated private cloud provides clients with agility and flexibility while eliminating security and compliance concerns associated with multi-tenant environments. The totally dedicated, isolated infrastructure provides the utmost control and security.

Signature features of IPR private cloud include:

  • Secure, segregated cloud structure
  • Higher levels of security and isolation for Clients with unique requirements
  • vCloud Powered
  • Supported by best-of-breed hardware providers, including Cisco, EMC, NetApp, and Nexsan
  • Managed or unmanaged options available, architected for each client
  • Customer-allocated storage, compute, and memory resources, at the click of a button
  • Multiple levels of virtual security

IPR Private Cloud

lets you refocus resources to drive growth


Having such agility and flexibility at your fingertips helps you optimize resources, resulting in efficiency gains and cost savings. Of course, moving to IPR private cloud also lets you slash your capital expenditure, regain valuable real estate, reduce your dependence on physical infrastructure, and free up your IT staff to focus on mission-critical priorities that drive growth. You’ll experience performance gains as well, thanks to increased availability and uptime. No matter how complex your needs may be, we deliver an unprecedented understanding and management of your private cloud environment and across your hybrid cloud.


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Do you need a dedicated private cloud solution? Are you looking to move your development, production, or entire IT environment? Who do you want to manage your private cloud: you or IPR? Whatever you decide—our custom cloud solutions will help you drive business growth and innovation.

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