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Safe and secure Disaster Recovery with IPR Secure.


Safeguarding your company and its data against potential disaster is a business imperative.

From backup to full resiliency, our continuum of solutions helps you meet resiliency goals completely – and cost-effectively.

While some providers might offer a couple of recovery options, it’s rare to find one that provides a complete spectrum of solutions from backup to high-availability replication.

IPR offers a complete continuum of services including:

  • Full resiliency: High-availability replication
  • SAN-based replication
  • Host-based replication
  • Rapid recovery backup (on-site)
  • Remote backup to IPR data center(s)
  • Archiving

All of our DR solutions feature 24×7 support, formal event declaration processes, and regular follow-up to keep pace with any changes in our clients’ environments. We also can provide DR seats as needed in our data centers. And as with all of IPR’s services, our DR solutions can be combined with any of our other offerings to meet your organization’s complete technology infrastructure needs.

IPR’s deep experience enables us to architect and implement recovery environments that align precisely with your business needs.

IPR has been in the backup and DR business for two decades. We have supported our clients with continuous uptime through countless major disasters, not once losing power on our data floors.

Our replication, backup, and DR solutions allow you to meet your specific recovery point and time objectives, and our best-in-class data centers offer unparalleled security, redundancy, and reliability.

IPR Disaster Recovery
is Comprehensive,

Flexible Data Protection

Our flexibility is our other main differentiator. You can recover to us regardless of where your production or backup is located. If you are in production in our environment, you can recover to another one of our data centers. You can choose to keep your current backup and replication tools or use ours, and we can work directly with your vendors to ensure that we recover applications as designed.

Let’s Build a DR Solution

that’s right for your business.

Different businesses have different recovery needs. A specialty retailer or restaurant might be fine to go 24 hours without recovering its data. A hospital, meanwhile, requires high-availability replication for its patients’ data or lives could be lost.

At IPR, we understand this. We also understand that the hospital that requires hot backup for its patients’ data might not need to recover its payroll systems within an hour. As part of our DR solutions, we gain a thorough understanding of each client’s business to identify the exact recovery time and point objectives (RTO and RPO) for each of its systems. We then map it all back to the precise tools required to meet them—creating a comprehensive recovery solution tailored to each client.

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