“As we move towards hybrid cloud, everything is changing. Our business needs, data services options and even our regulatory requirements. We need help setting and executing our strategy for IT evolution.”

IT equipment reaches the end of its life.

Performance declines in mission-critical areas slowing business. A new division or merger changes your requirements overnight. New strategies come of age and need evaluation.

Your business is always evolving, so are your options for data services. Determining the best IT strategy for your business can be overwhelming.

You know you need to evolve, but how can you be sure you won’t sacrifice performance or security? You can get cost estimates from public cloud service providers, but you have heard the stories of skyrocketing costs over time. And if you migrate some of your environment to a public or private cloud, how can you remain compliant?

IPR’s CloudBuilder programs give you the planning, architecture, and support to evaluate your options and bring your data systems and applications safely and successfully into the hybrid cloud era.

IPR CloudBuilder sessions are conducted by our CloudBuilder Architects and IT experts in pursuit of four goals:

  • Understand your current IT environment
  • Develop a strategy to keep your workloads protected and performance requirements met
  • Build your new IT environment
  • Give you the monitoring and reporting you need to ensure your performance requirements are met on an ongoing basis.


Uncover Opportunities to Meet Your Objectives by Analyzing Your Current IT Environment

Inside your environment are golden opportunities to move, change, or reconfigure an application, platform, or component–CloudBuilder helps you find them.

During the Analysis phase, we sit down together and consider each application:

  • Evaluate CPU and RAM performance requirements for each and every application
  • Consider platforms that are currently part of your environment and applications that you may need to add or remove
  • Determine whether your applications are mission critical 24/7 or only during traditional working hours
  • Determine which internal and which external users will need access to which applications
  • Consider your current TCO and form a new TCO calculation for applications that you may migrate
  • Break down components of your applications to find the best way to convert them to a new environment
  • Discuss and set your RPO and RTO parameters


Develop a New Plan to Bring IT Evolution to Your Organization

We want to understand your goals and objectives… The strategy phase is about finding out what matters most to you and building a plan to ensure that your evolved environment reaches your goals.

We leverage deep analysis and our proven expertise to build you a strategy recommendation that includes our recommendations on the opportunities across 5 key areas.

  • SECURITY: Keep your most sensitive, mission-critical applications secure
  • PERFORMANCE: Ensure team members can access applications when they need them, whether your business runs on a 24/7 or a 9-5 schedule
  • SCALABILITY: Meet your current needs while also preparing to meet your future needs
  • COMPLIANCE: Remain compliant with all industry regulations for your data and your clients’ data.
  • COST EFFICIENCIES: Ensure your workloads are stored in the most cost-effective environment


Execute Your Strategy and Build Your New IT Environment

Whether your environment is Open Stack or VMWare, whether you’re moving workloads to one of the major public clouds or are eager to stay away from them – we’ll meet you where you are and bring you to where you want to be.

During this phase, we’ll build your new network environment including:


  • Building your servers
  • Deploying your applications
  • Establishing security protocols
  • Setting scale
  • Establishing failover mechanisms and protocols
  • Creating backup and retention
  • Setting your IT resiliency
  • Establishing your Wrklōdz single pane of glass environment.


Know what’s happening with your IT environment

IPR monitors your environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team is constantly maintaining your environment to ensure your data is secure.

At the same time, IPR also gives you the option to monitor your environment on your own. IPR’s Wrklōdz single pane of glass monitoring platform allows you to go in any time day or night to check on the status of any part of your environment. You can:

  • Check CPU usage
  • Set up automated storage threshold alerts
  • Monitor peak memory and storage usage.

Instead of worrying about CPU and RAM usage, you can rest easy knowing it’s all there accessible in your Wrklōdz dashboard.

And if you need to make a change, Wrklōdz makes it fast and easy for you or our team to make a change.


Continue making good decisions after your IT environment is built

Your IT environment will never stop evolving, and detailed reporting on your environment is crucial to complete comprehension.

During your initial CloudBuilder sessions we’ll help you set up and schedule reports that can will give you the information you need to make strategic IT decisions and to evolve your IT environment. Some of these reports include:

  • Infrastructure report to see current cloud inventory by application group
  • Cloud usage and application usage reporting summary
  • Cost reports on applications and instances

After your initial environment is deployed and your monitoring and reporting are configured, we’ll also schedule your first quarterly review, which is an opportunity to work with an IPR team member to ensure you’re making strategic IT decisions. And if you need to make a change, Wrklōdz makes it fast and easy for you or our team to make a change.

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