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IPR IPR Migration Services


Let Us Help You Plan Your Move

Whether you are thinking of moving your full data center or any of the components that fall within it, we can help you evaluate your options, architect the best plan to meet your needs, and assist you through the migration itself with IPR migration services.

IPR can provide each of the following to our clients upon request, individually or as a whole:

  • Full data center migration
  • Colocation migration
  • Network systems migration
  • Storage migration
  • Physical to virtual server migration

Your Priorities, Your Migration Plan

IPR can help create a strategic migration plan with IPR Migration Services—from your data center to colo, from colo to the cloud, or any combination thereof—by carefully assessing your current environment and prioritizing according to what is most important to you. Together, we can establish the proper time frame for migration based on your comfort level, the life span of your equipment, utility depletion, or other factors.

secure_cloudMaybe you want to prioritize based on urgency, attacking your greatest point of risk first. Or maybe you want to proceed with caution, migrating just your testing or DR environments, while maintaining full control of your production environment until you grow more comfortable. With IPR, you call the shots.

We are delighted to provide any of our Migration Managed Services to IPR’s existing customers.

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