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IPR IPR DR Preparedness


Data Tiering

IPR DR Preparedness solutions begin with helping clients identify which systems and environments their businesses depend on most—and are therefore the most critical to their recovery strategy.

We then guide clients through the process of tiering their data according to how quickly they would need to recover various systems in the event of a disaster. It’s quite common to think that you need everything back immediately, but as we take a closer look together, our clients often realize that isn’t the case.

By helping to tier recovery time frames, we can ensure that clients subscribe to the most cost-effective and efficient recovery solution. We do not believe that one size fits all when it comes to disaster recovery solutions. Our solution will adapt to whatever tiers you have defined.

DR Planning and Testing

At IPR, risk identification and mitigation is also a core component of our DR planning. We pride ourselves on requiring DR tests with our clients on an annual basis to ensure that the solution continues to meet their needs. Upon completion of each test, we provide a script so that in the case of a disaster we are mutually prepared. We also conduct post-test and post-event reviews to enhance the recovery process.

Through our IPR 24×7 Service Center and standard practices, we stand ready to engage with you when any disaster strikes.

secure_cloudWe are delighted to provide our DR Preparedness Managed Services to IPR’s existing customers.

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