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IPR IPR Managed Services


First Step: We Listen

At IPR, not only are we able to design a technology architecture to support client end goals, we also have the expertise to provide managed services throughout the process to ensure that whatever solution we design will truly meet all of the client’s current and future requirements.

To provide the most comprehensive solution we can, we like to take a step back and ask some targeted questions to make sure that clients are following the most efficient and progressive solution path they can. Often clients come to us having established their needs, but even in those instances we find it helps, too.

Our managed services span all of our solutions, from colo to the cloud to DR. We can help clients evaluate their full spectrum of options, from investing in their own datacenter to building an entirely new one to outsourcing. Once they’ve made a decision based on all the facts, we can help them with the migration process itself.

With IPR Managed Services, You Get the Best Plan Possible

We can help you evaluate your options and design a strategic migration plan, whether you are contemplating moving your own datacenter to colo, colo to the cloud, or simply need assistance shifting your network systems. For DR, we can advise on data tiering, planning, and testing to help you achieve efficiencies while ensuring that your data is safe and recoverable whenever you need it.

We are delighted to provide any of our Managed Services to IPR’s existing customers.

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