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IPR IPR Disaster Recovery



IPR has been in the backup and DR business for more than a decade. We have supported our clients with continuous uptime through countless major disasters, not once losing power on our data floors.

Our replication, backup, and DR solutions allow you to meet your specific recovery point and time objectives, and our best-in-class data centers offer unparalleled security, redundancy, and reliability.

We recognize that each company’s needs for DR are unique. Part of our job is to know your entire IT environment, including which systems support your mission-critical objectives. Our understanding of your business helps us prioritize and react appropriately when you need us most. And our arsenal of tools enables you to meet your recovery goals, whatever they are.

When disaster strikes, you’ve got enough things to worry about. With IPR, your data isn’t one of them.

IPR Disaster Recovery is Comprehensive, Flexible Data Protection

One of the things that sets IPR apart is the full spectrum of disaster recovery solutions we provide. From stand-alone backup to high-availability replication, we do it all. We are fluent in solutions across that spectrum and can provide a multi-tiered implementation path for our clients, prioritizing according to the recovery time and point objectives (RTO and RPO) they set for each business process.

secure_cloudOur flexibility is our other main differentiator. You can recover to us regardless of where your production or backup is located. If you are in production in our environment, you can recover to another one of our data centers. You can choose to keep your current backup and replication tools or use ours, and we can work directly with your vendors to ensure that we recover applications as designed. Finally, IPR DR services can be combined with any of our other solutions.


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