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Cyber Security Workshop

We’re proud to serve as event sponsor for Delaware’s Annual Cyber Security Workshop, Secure Delaware 2019. The workshop, held on Tuesday September 24th at the Chase Center on the Riverfront, is a full-day session focused on helping businesses learn how they can protect themselves from cyber-attacks. With ransomware attacks rising dramatically, there is no more urgent time than now for companies to learn how they can…

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Healthcare Non-Compliance

Healthcare Data Breaches on the Rise – and Healthcare Data Remains at Risk If you had to guess what kind of data is most likely to be stolen, what might be at the top of your list? On one hand, identity thieves may prefer social security numbers they can sell to others – and in turn used to rack up charges on fraudulently obtained credit cards. Others may want to collect passwords and logins to steal valuable corporate secrets. For a certain…

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Continuous Backup and Ransomware

With ransomware attacks on the rise, organizations need a plan to cope with the three major problems these attacks create: data loss, downtime, and cost. Fortunately, not all businesses will be doomed to suffer these consequences. Those that have adopted a business continuity strategy that leverages continuous backup are less likely to suffer any of the headline-making consequences that befall unprepared businesses. Unfortunately…

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Periodic to Continuous Backup

For many organizations, periodic backup has been the default way of replicating data for decades. Until relatively recently, creating a snapshot of your environment once daily was the default way of storing data for many organizations. Even today, periodic backup method may remain a cornerstone of the first phase of an organization’s hybrid cloud and DR strategy. But soon after setting up a snapshot-based replication solution…

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Hardware vs Cloud

When hardware reaches the end of its life, IT leaders have a choice. On one hand, they can choose to purchase similar on-premises equipment with CAPEX. On the other hand, they can reconsider whether their on-premises environment is meeting their cost and performance needs. For many companies, aging hardware (or a sudden need for additional storage space or compute resources) may present an ideal opportunity…

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People Resources for Hybrid Cloud Strategies

When you begin planning your hybrid cloud, your business has many factors to consider and decisions to make. Which applications will you migrate? How will you allocate budget for ongoing needs? Will you need to provision CAPEX? What kind of backup or replication will enable you to meet your business continuity objectives in the event of a disaster? All of these questions are critical – but there is one question that you should…

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Case Studies


How IPR helped one mid-sized healthcare provider meet compliance requirements, reduce storage costs, and evolve over nearly 20 years of service. Read more


How IPR helped an emr provider migrate from an on-premise environment to a private cloud while maintaining compliance and switching to an opex model migrating . Read more


After unexpectedly falling out of compliance, this mid-sized healthcare organization turned to long-term partner IPR Secure. Read more


An industrial manufacturer replaces manual backup with an automated, enterprise-grade solution. Read more


To support business growth, a mid-sized food manufacturer needed expert data management services and strategic business continuity guidance. Read more

Financial Services

A financial institution needed automated PCI compliant data backup. Read more

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