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DaaS for Business Continuity

When IT leaders think about their business continuity plan, the most-considered questions typically revolve around protecting and storing data in backend servers or databases. Where are your primary data centers located and where are your backups stored? Do you need instantaneous failover for all applications or only for a few select mission-critical applications? How will you bring your applications back online after a natural…

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Hybrid Cloud Cost Considerations

As you begin to consider how a hybrid cloud strategy may allow you to achieve your IT objectives and business goals, one of the first questions you might ask is, “How much will it cost?” While hardware may have a relatively limited set of features and relatively fixed price, the flexibility that a hybrid cloud brings to your business means that it also brings an array of complex cost considerations. Here are 5 cost considerations you’ll…

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Data Security and Business Size

It may be easy to assume that operating as a little-known mid-sized company is enough to keep you safe from cyber attacks. After all: if your business doesn’t make the front page, how will cyber criminals even know you exist? If your organization serves a regional population with specialized medical services, why would thieves bother to target you when they could target a larger healthcare network?

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Before You Build

For IT leaders who are managing a growing number of data environments, there comes a moment of realization that it’s time for your organization to start formalizing its hybrid cloud strategy. Maybe you leave a board meeting wondering why your business is still managing software licenses and running your own data centers. Maybe you’ve already migrated some or all of your infrastructure to the public cloud, but the strategy that …

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Choosing Hybrid Cloud Providers

If you’re starting to think about deploying a hybrid cloud strategy for the first time, you may be overwhelmed by your choices. Building the “hybrid” part of your hybrid cloud strategy involves researching and vetting countless hybrid cloud service providers to identify the right providers of storage, colocation, private cloud, and public cloud—and determining whether a provider will suit your needs can be a challenge. As you begin…

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