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Wilmington, DE, June 6, 2017– IPR International today announced the release of Wrklōdz, a cloud technology platform that addresses the needs of enterprise and mid-market companies.

“With Wrklōdz, we address the needs of C-level executives who are required to manage technology costs while also leveraging the benefits of a cloud infrastructure,” said Jim Thomas, President and CTO of IPR and Wrklōdz.

Wrklōdz provides C-suite and IT managers with:

  1. Discipline within the IT function to prevent “wild west mindset ” of turning up unnecessary resources in public clouds.
  2. Control over all “compute” resources that may be deployed to support workloads.
  3. Governance and reporting of resources being deployed within all levels of the firm.


Wrklōdz is comprised of ION and FUSION. ION, (IPR’s private cloud) provides the “home” cloud for clients. ION is the private cloud infrastructure for mission critical workloads that organizations should want to run in their private cloud (private, redundant, secure). ION is open stack based with a secure, fully distributed firewall, redundant, multi-copy storage and Enterprise class storage.

Fusion provides the IT management layer that allows insight into all infrastructures and allows for governance, auditing and reporting, single pane of glass management, monitors workloads deployments, deploys workloads to ION, AWS, Azure and RSS.

IT Leadership is increasingly becoming the chief broker of workloads (CBOW). Management of IT workloads is a critical component across the cloud and other IT infrastructure.

A C-level executive identified that they needed to purchase $6MM of equipment to get out of Amazon Web Services (AWS) as they grew their business 60% in revenue but EBITDA decreased by 40%. The amount of IT infrastructure being used in the public cloud was out of control and significantly affected their EBITDA. As a result, the company was building their own private cloud to handle their IT needs and keep it under control. That is where IPR Wrklodz came in and assisted them, thereby saving them significant money and resources.

If you would like more information about this Wrklōdz , please see our website at or contact Kevin Bly at 484-540-9503 or email at [email protected]

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