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IPR International offers infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and managed services via a hybrid cloud platform. IT performance and scalability are critical to company growth, but using precious capital to buy tech equipment meant overprovisioning to meet long-term growth forecasts. Eventually this equipment would also become outdated and costly to maintain. The challenge escalated when IPR launched its next-gen hybrid cloud solutions, called Wrklōdz, which required the latest Dell EMC solutions. With its storage capabilities and capacity exhausted, the company needed to expand quickly without tying up capital.

Dell Financial Services (DFS) helped IPR add storage with Flex On Demand, by providing IPR with the flexibility to better align capacity to growing customer demands without overprovisioning and tying up capital. Flex On Demand matches payments to usage with a set payment for base capacity and a buffer payment for actual usage. IPR can now spin up new storage in days instead of months, and adopt newer storage technologies as soon as they’re available, while freeing capital to help drive revenue efforts.

“Now we can align our growth in storage capacity much more closely to customer demand with the newest technology, using Flex On Demand. And by shifting to an operational expense model, we have been able to redeploy our capital in efforts to produce revenue, including enabling IPR to invest in developing Wrklōdz, our next-generation, hybrid cloud solutions, instead of buying infrastructure.”

Sean Meenan
Chief Financial Officer,
IPR International

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