People Resources for Hybrid Cloud Strategies

The “People Resources” You Need to Plan Your Hybrid Cloud

When you begin planning your hybrid cloud, your business has many factors to consider and decisions to make. Which applications will you migrate? How will you allocate budget for ongoing needs? Will you need to provision CAPEX? What kind of backup or replication will enable you to meet your business continuity objectives in the event of a disaster? All of these questions are critical – but there is one question that you should ask before you ask others: does my team currently have the expertise to plan, implement, and manage a successful hybrid cloud strategy?

The vast majority of firms will answer “no” to this, question. Because hybrid cloud management is a new and emerging skill set, teams that do not currently have a hybrid cloud environment are unlikely to employ experts in this field. For an organization to have the expertise necessary for a successful hybrid cloud strategy, it’s not enough to have some team members who are well versed in on-premises data management and others who are experts in cloud-based deployments. Since a hybrid cloud strategy is about having all of your environments work together, organizations need people who have expertise in how on-premises and cloud-based deployments work together.

There are three ways most organizations go about gaining the expertise to manage and plan a hybrid cloud strategy, each with their own pros and cons. They include:

1. Hire New Employees with Hybrid Cloud Expertise

You may have a team of experts in on-premises environments. To fill the skill gap, you may assume that hiring new team members with a background in cloud-based deployments is a good starting point. With your new hires, you’ll have some team members experienced in your own on-premises environment and several familiar with managing environments in the cloud.

Unfortunately, hiring people with two complementary but ultimately disparate skill sets isn’t the same as hiring people who have the single skill set you need. Hybrid cloud experts know more than just how different environments work – they know how those environments work together. This skill set remains relatively rare, which means hiring top talent can be a time-consuming process that could take months or longer.

2. Train Your Current Employees

On one hand, your current team members are experts on your business and your IT environment. In some cases, it may make sense to train your team members on elements of the hybrid cloud so that they can use their historical knowledge of your organization in conjunction with new expertise to build a strategy that’s right for your business. As a long-term strategy, training your staff may be a sound idea.

As important as it will be for your internal team to be well versed in hybrid cloud management in the future, training your team may not be the best strategy at the beginning of your hybrid cloud journey. Newly trained team members will lack the experience to know what questions to ask and how to spot both opportunities and obstacles. The first iteration of your hybrid cloud strategy may be full of technical hiccups that could result in delays, performance degradation, or surprise bills.

3. Work with a Strategic Partner

Instead of relying on in-house team members, you may want to consider working with external experts. Hybrid cloud service providers are staffed with a team of people experienced in hybrid cloud management. Since many of these firms have evolved and grown from their roots in data center management and have gradually added new offerings as cloud options have evolved, they have the expertise in both on-premise, cloud, and in how the two environments work together.

For most firms, hiring a team of external advisors to assist you in the beginning of your cloud journey is the best strategy. Hybrid cloud service providers spend their days planning, implementing, and managing hybrid cloud deployments. Any time you run into a roadblock about the best way to remain compliant or a concern about how to prioritize applications to bring back online, your hybrid cloud service provider can draw on their own experience of having worked on similar projects for several years.

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