IPR Secure Announces Management Promotions 

New leadership allows IPR Secure to support clients with increasingly complex data management challenges

Wilmington, DE, November 28, 2018 – IPR Secure, a proven and trusted hybrid cloud service provider, today announced the promotions of experienced cloud, compliance, and data experts to key leadership positions. The leadership changes position the Company for long-term success as it supports a broad client base with increasingly complex data management challenges.

“This team of highly experienced leaders will provide IPR with the organizational structure and leadership needed to execute our strategic plan and better serve our customers,” said John (Sean) Meenan, newly-appointed Chief Operating Officer and current Chief Financial Officer of IPR.  “Our clients have trusted us for twenty years to ensure their data is managed safely and optimized for compliance, cost and performance. We’re excited to be the organization mid-sized companies confidently rely upon as their IT needs continue to become more complex and challenging.”

In addition to Meenan’s expanded role, IPR announced the following promotions to Company leadership:

  • Chuck Taylor, Chairman of the Board
  • Kevin Bly, Vice President, Business Development
  • Bryan Durr, Vice President, Information Technology
  • Tom Puglisi, Vice President, Client Services
  • Nancy Stackhouse, Controller
  • Geoff Mazur, Client Relationship Manager

“As more organizations begin to consider a hybrid cloud strategy, they need data services that meet both regulatory requirements and performance needs,” said Meenan. “Our leadership team will allow us to provide the services and solutions that our clients need as well as the strategic guidance to successfully plan and launch a hybrid cloud strategy.”

IPR provides customized solutions to meet any organization’s specific needs with the combination of colocation, private and hybrid cloud, storage and data management services as well as strategic solutions including disaster recovery, compliance and regulation, data security, and strategic IT cost management.  IPR enables companies to shift capital expense to operational expense and variable costs to fixed controllable costs.  Prior to building an environment that meets its client’s needs, IPR’s team of highly experienced experts will analyze the current IT environment and assess goals during a CloudBuilder session, IPR’s program for helping companies move data and applications to the cloud safely and successfully.

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For mid-sized businesses that need to ensure data is managed safely and is optimized for compliance, cost and performance, IPR Secure is the hybrid cloud service provider that offers unparalleled data visibility and data management tools.  

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