DaaS for Business Continuity

For Post-Disaster Business Continuity and Better Business as Usual, Consider Desktop as a Service

When IT leaders think about their business continuity plan, the most-considered questions typically revolve around protecting and storing data in backend servers or databases. Where are your primary data centers located and where are your backups stored? Do you need instantaneous failover for all applications or only for a few select mission-critical applications? How will you bring your applications back online after a natural disaster or a data breach – and how will you prioritize bringing certain applications back online before others?

But several key questions are often left out of this conversation, specifically those that relate to how end users interact with critical business data. How will you ensure you employees can access their data and get back to work after an interruption, even if their typical workstations are inaccessible? How do you protect data accessed by end users? How do you get employees back up and running if a virus or malware infects their machine?

The truth is that the end user’s machine is as critical to a sound business continuity strategy as determining where and how to store and recover your data. One of the solutions to extend your business continuity strategy to end-users is Desktop as a Service (DaaS), which is a cloud-based way of hosting employees workstations.

Here are three reasons why companies should consider Desktop as a Service solutions when building a business continuity strategy:

  1. Help Employees Get Back to Work Quickly After a Disaster

If an employee’s personal machine isn’t supported with virtual desktop infrastructure and it becomes infected with a virus, a file is accidentally deleted, or if the workstation is inaccessible, that employee won’t be able to get back to work easily. But a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) environment can ensure that an employee can simply log on to use another machine if their device is inaccessible or incapacitated.

  1. Protect Data from Falling Into the Wrong Hands 

A highly customizable workstation means that you can easily turn on and turn off access to any application for any user. Not only does this allow you to customize each workstation for each user, but it also allows you to protect data from being removed. If an employee is going to be let go, DaaS environments allow administrators to turn off access to critical information in the days leading up to that difficult conversation to reduce the likelihood that a disgruntled employee may remove sensitive data.

  1. Enable Employees to Work from Anywhere

After a natural disaster, employees may not be able to access their normal workstations. The office itself may be completely destroyed. But when a company has configured a DaaS environment, employees can easily pick up where they left off from another machine, thereby reducing the impact of the disaster and ensuring business continuity.

DaaS Also Leads to Better Business As Usual

In addition to being an essential component of a comprehensive business continuity strategy, DaaS also enables a better “business as usual” for your team—especially when it comes to giving employees the flexibility to work when and where they need to work.

For example: companies with increasingly remote-based workforces need to be able to ensure teammates can access critical information whether they’re at home or on the road. But even when employees work exclusively on-site, many still need to be able to move from one part of a facility to another. In healthcare settings, DaaS deployments allow clinicians to access patient information from any machine in the hospital. In a manufacturing facility, VDI allows managers to log into machines from the desktop machine in their office or with the tablet they take with them onto the floor.

As you consider how you’ll protect your data, don’t forget to consider how to protect your employees and other end users’ access to that data – and consider DaaS.

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