Cyber Security Workshop

IPR Secure is Proud to Sponsor Delaware’s 10th Annual Cyber Security Workshop 

We’re proud to serve as event sponsor for Delaware’s Annual Cyber Security Workshop, Secure Delaware 2019. The workshop, held on Tuesday September 24th at the Chase Center on the Riverfront, is a full-day session focused on helping businesses learn how they can protect themselves from cyber-attacks.

With ransomware attacks rising dramatically, there is no more urgent time than now for companies to learn how they can protect their and their customers’ data. The first quarter of 2019 saw a 195% increase in attacks compared with the fourth quarter of 2018.

No company is immune to ransomware. Every organization, whether small or large, that collects customer information including names, phone numbers, addresses, credit card numbers ,or social security numbers, is vulnerable to attack by cyber-criminals.  In fact, small and mid-sized businesses are the target of a greater number of attacks than larger organizations. According to one study, 65% of phishing attacks targeted small and mid-sized businesses.

And unfortunately, when ransomware strikes a company, the cost is significant, averaging $250,000 per hour across industries.  For some small and mid-size businesses, the damage can result in the organizations shutting down completely.

Given the risks, companies must have a comprehensive plan in place to protect their data. IPR has helped numerous clients over the past 20 years with backup, disaster recovery and IT resiliency.

We’d love to meet with you at the workshop to share some of our best practices and insights, for example how to efficiently run continuous offline backups that ensure your data can be restored without falling victim to ransom demands from cyber criminals. 

Stop by our booth on Tuesday, September 24 at the Workshop, or drop us a line today, or (877) 282-4873.

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