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a Hybrid Cloud Strategy is Smart.


Launching a Cost-Optimized Strategy Is Safe.

According to research from Gartner, two things are true.

First, most businesses can reduce their IT spend by 14% when they migrate to the cloud. With IPR’s Wrklōdz, we help clients create and maintain Hybrid cloud strategies that allow you to pay only for the storage and CPU that you use, so you can reduce your spend on costly hardware that may sit unused for extended periods.

Second, 80% of businesses will exceed their IaaS budget by 2020 because they haven’t approached their cloud with cost optimization in mind. They’ll face surprise bills. They’ll pay for services they don’t need. They’ll even consider ditching their hybrid cloud strategy altogether.

The truth is that hybrid cloud is only more cost effective than an on-premises deployment if you approach migration strategically. When you launch (or re-launch) your hybrid strategy with an eye toward cloud cost management, you can be one of the five hybrid cloud owners where costs are fully aligned with your business strategy. Where your bills are what you expect. Where you can walk into a boardroom without worrying about how you’ll explain budget overruns.

How IPR Launches

cost-optimized hybrid cloud strategies for businesses with complex data management challenges


To look at the pricing offered by major public cloud service providers is to marvel at how inexpensive everything seems. Keyword: seems. But when you try to calculate the TCO of your hybrid cloud, the costs can quickly become complicated, overwhelming, and more than you expected.

Building a cost-optimized hybrid cloud strategy only happens as a result of strategic planning, and IPR Secure helps you untangle the complexity, understand your goals, and select the right storage and disaster recovery strategy for each of your applications before and after your migration.

How we help:

Identify the most cost-effective location for each application
You can allocate a portion of your workloads to the public cloud, a portion to IPR, and keep some on your own servers keeping track of it all on one dashboard through IPR’s Wrklōdz. IPR helps you find the most cost effective way to both store and retrieve your data so you can avoid surprise cloud bills.

Select the right DR option for each application
You can choose from a variety of DR options. Depending on your RTO and RPO, each option comes with its own cost, and IPR helps you find the DR option that you need for each workload without overspending.

For example, you might consider instantaneous failover as your DR method of choice for critical applications. While you may need this option for certain applications, you might not need the same DR option (which can be expensive) for all of your workloads.

We help you break down the cost of instantaneous failover for each server and machine to see where you absolutely need to have it and where you can reduce your expenditure with a backup solution instead.

Monitor and adapt your investment as your business strategy and cost options evolve
Cloud offerings change constantly, which means that the finely tuned strategy of today may result in surprise bills tomorrow if you aren’t careful. That’s why IPR helps clients both before and after launching a hybrid cloud strategy with ongoing strategic cost management analytics that allow you to move workloads to more cost effective options.

Choose OPEX,
CAPEX, or a

Of Both

After we’ve assembled your cost-optimized hybrid cloud together, we can work within your desired cost structure.

For some organizations, that means designing a completely OPEX model. One of the most popular benefits of a hybrid cloud strategy is that it allows you to avoid massive capital outlays on costly new hardware destined to reach the end of its life in only a few short years. IPR can help you shift from a CAPEX billing model to an OPEX model where you pay only for the infrastructure (compute, storage, network) and protections of your data while we manage all hardware and software upgrades.

Other organizations come to us with CAPEX that needs to be deployed with the most efficient ROI. Others want to reduce their OPEX with an initial CAPEX spend. Whatever your needs, we can accommodate them.

The first step to building a cost-optimized hybrid cloud strategy with IPR Secure is to schedule your CloudBuilder session. CloudBuilder is IPR’s program to give you the planning, architecture, and support you need to build the right hybrid cloud for your organization.

During our CloudBuilder session, our team of expert hybrid cloud cost analysts will help you understand how the decisions you make in your hybrid cloud will affect your cloud costs. We’ll examine the impact of allocating certain applications to tier one versus tier two and weigh the benefits of instantaneous failover against backup for applications.

By the time we’re done, you’ll have a clear picture of what your hybrid cloud costs will be before you migrate, and the confidence of knowing you’ve made the right choices for your organization.

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