Choosing Hybrid Cloud Providers

3 Considerations for Choosing a Hybrid Cloud Service Provider

If you’re starting to think about deploying a hybrid cloud strategy for the first time, you may be overwhelmed by your choices. Building the “hybrid” part of your hybrid cloud strategy involves researching and vetting countless hybrid cloud service providers to identify the right providers of storage, colocation, private cloud, and public cloud—and determining whether a provider will suit your needs can be a challenge.

As you begin to consider your options, a number of factors will affect your ultimate decision. Ultimately, you’ll need to make sure your performance requirements can be met and your costs can be optimized. You’ll need to make sure that your partners maintain the certifications that will keep your business in compliance, especially in highly-regulated industries.

But choosing a hybrid cloud service provider is about much more than simply checking a few boxes. After all: your hybrid cloud provider will become an extension of your IT team. The success of your hybrid cloud strategy will rest heavily on both their ability to meet your technical requirements as well as the working partnership you have together.

As you begin evaluating hybrid cloud services companies, here are three areas to consider to ensure your hybrid cloud strategy will be a success:

Look for “Bona Fide” Markers of Security: In the early stages of thinking about how your organization will build a hybrid cloud strategy, it might be easy to assume that your data will be safer if you can physically visit a facility. Unfortunately, being closely located to a data facility is unlikely to be a good marker of whether a partner can protect your data.

Discern which providers are best equipped to keep your data secure by asking potential providers how long they have been in business. Also ask about the total number of outages they’ve experienced during that time and the security features they have in place. Their answers to these questions will tell you more about security than their zip code.

Don’t Relinquish Decision-Making Capabilities: Working with a hybrid cloud expert can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you can get an expert’s eyes on your entire infrastructure and their deep knowledge on how to build a strategy that reduces costs while improving performance and security. On the other hand, working with some providers may mean that you also lose control of your environment.

Consider working with a trusted partner who can help you plan your strategy and build your hybrid cloud architecture while also empowering you to see exactly what’s happening in your environment at any given moment so you can respond and react to changes as they happen.

Choose Partner-Providers: No matter whether you’re planning to move to the cloud for the first time and wondering whether your highly regulated business can make the switch or you’re a highly experienced cloud consultant who has planned countless migrations, at some point you’ll have questions.

Choose to work with hybrid cloud service providers who will understand your business on a deep level and who can offer ongoing health checks to ensure your hybrid cloud environment is always optimal.

Your Hybrid Cloud Partner Can Make or Break Your Strategy

Not only is the process of understanding your infrastructure and building your strategy incredibly complex, but the industry is evolving at a rapid pace. The ideas you discussed during your last board meeting might no longer be the right direction for your business. Managing your data and applications will only grow more complex, and the risk of putting your organization on a subpar strategy will only grow larger.

To make sure your data is secure, and that you’re able to adapt to future changes, look for the first step is to begin considering hybrid cloud service providers.

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