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Boca Raton Datacenter

5000 T-Rex Avenue, Suite 325
Boca Raton, FL 33431

IPR International has its own 11,000 square foot suite. IBM designed believing that business can’t afford to stop -for anything – the campus with an architecture that could withstand the force of a hurricane and a redundant infrastructure to overcome a disaster. Today, it remains equipped with massive generators and diverse electrical networks. And with access to some of the nation’s most advanced fiber systems, it remains at the forefront of technology. Proven secure in the past, and ready to face tomorrow. That’s what “powerful” means. The site is guarded 24×7 with security patrols over the entire campus. The infrastructure is maintained by the highest standards and regular exercising of equipment guarantees the functionally when called upon.


The property has an on-site FPL substation, which is fed from two independent, automatically switched 138 KW transmission lines. These lines lead to redundant 30 MVA (22 MVA usable) step down transformers providing redundant 13.2 KV underground feeders to the buildings on property. Twenty-seven local on-site substations to the property step down the redundant 13.2 KV to 480 V service to the entire site. Power infrastructure is scalable up to 225 watts per square foot. We use Liebert and APC for UPS and power distribution.


Critical power for infrastructure is supported by on-site 10-megawatt standby power plant with 8 megawatts available (N+1 redundancy). The standby power plant has 90,000-gallon diesel fuel capable of running facility and customer load for 12 days. Additionally, two 500 kilowatt generators with 25,000 gallon fuel source for life safety systems including emergency lighting, elevators, and fire alarm panels. Contracts exist with local diesel suppliers for before and after weather events. Each week the generators are exercised and inspected for issues. Load tests are completed monthly.


All buildings are served by telecommunications infrastructure, featuring triple-redundant fiber sonnet ring, connected to existing Bell South fiber backbone. Major fiber backbone has been extended to existing lines in the Florida East Coast Railroad right-of-way, approximately one and one half miles east. The NSG datacenter space is supplied by connectivity by Fiberlight and Level3 protected fiber. NTT and Level3 supply the IP network. We have additional circuits from FPL Fibernet, AT&T, and Level3 MPLS connectivity.


Our network currently is comprised of redundant edge, core, and distribution routers and switches. Dual Cisco edge connectivity and communicate with NTT and Level3. We run BGP over our WAN links and have our own ARIN IPv4 and IPV6 assignments. The edge routers are connected to each of the Cisco core network switches using multiple fiber links and OSPF. The core distribution is connected via fiber to the Cisco stacks of distribution switches. All the way to the rack multilink trunks protect IP traffic so that if any port failure occurs, traffic continues to pass. All customer traffic is segregated at the core switches and throughout our LAN infrastructure. Customers can integrate any number
of our services into their network; we have Foundry and Citrix load balancing appliances, Fortigate and Sonicwall firewalls, Infoblox DNS services, and many more services to supercharge your business.

Our Boca Raton, Reading and Wilmington Datacenters protect the data of government agencies, financial institutions, healthcare organizations, technology firms, and more in 25 countries. Our datacenters and their services are interoperable, providing for automatic failover to the alternate site as required. Contact us today for more information.

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