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Top 5 Benefits of Private Cloud Solutions

                  Top 5 Benefits of Private Cloud Solutions      1. Security Private cloud solutions are more secure than public cloud solutions. How? Private cloud solutions secure and wall-off company IT resources – making them only available to a small proportion


What Are The Three Main Types of Hackers?

There are three main types of hackers: ideological (Anonymous is the most notable example); criminal (their motivation is primarily financial gain); and intellectual property (looking to steal data or trade secrets). When it comes to hackers, it’s important to understand their motivation to determine the


What is the “FREAK” hack?

Last week, it was revealed that a huge security flaw in the world’s most popular internet browsers has left users vulnerable to hacks when visiting websites. The bug, known as ‘Freak’ (‘Factoring Attack on RSA-EXPORT Keys’) has left around 5


Another Data Breach?

data breach

You may find yourself uttering those very words with all the publicity data breaches have received lately. The alarming statistics are in and they don’t lie. In a recent study by the Ponemon Institute, it was found that 43 percent


Have you Heard? We’re Moving!

IPR corporate folks will be joining our colleagues over in Wilmington when we relocate on July 28th. We look forward to this opportunity to work shoulder-to-shoulder with our peers and open the lines of communication further. The positive benefits of


IPR’s Fresh New Look

From this website to our marketing collateral and everywhere in between, you may have noticed that IPR has a fresh new look and feel. It’s part of a comprehensive effort to redefine IPR’s brand and implement an aggressive marketing strategy


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