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PH_banner (3)Does it seems like your job as CIO gets harder every day? It’s no wonder, with new frustrations cropping up all the time. Where do your headaches rank in the list below? Did we even capture them all?

  1. When you invest in hardware for your data center, you’re committed until it reaches the end of its life, regardless of how the world changes around you. Moore’s Law does you no good.
  2. You are constantly under fire to forecast costs that in reality are hugely variable.
  3. You’re running 26 servers in a data center in the middle of your company’s building with a UPS that can’t power it all, forcing you to shut some things off part of the time.
  4. Your IT staff spends the vast majority of its time fixing things that are broken—will little time left over for innovative projects that can help move your company forward.
  5. You’re thinking about the cloud, but too many of the solutions you’ve seen make you sign on for predetermined bundles of storage, compute, and memory resources that don’t match your actual needs.
  6. You’re fearful of vendor lock—you can’t afford to choose a cloud offering that doesn’t provide a clear exit should you need one.
  7. You want to keep some of your infrastructure on premise and migrate some to the cloud, but managing and monitoring multiple environments seems like a huge hassle.
  8. Recruiting and retaining talent has become a much greater challenge.
  9. Your current infrastructure is crippling your ability to scale.

What’s your number 10? More to the point, don’t you need a cloud offering that can eliminate all of these frustrations facing CIOs today–and more?

Check out IPR Secure Cloud.

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