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Cloud-based-IT-Management2This year, companies are moving their entire IT networks to the cloud, making it a corporate computing model. The cloud is no longer just a term techies use—it’s also an adopted business term. Businesses in need of a company-wide operating system upgrade, a major hardware upgrade, or a remote access or continuity plan, the cloud should be the first model you look into. With more companies transferring to the cloud, this is the perfect time to explore the benefits and make a change that could create more productivity for your company.

Below are the top reasons why:

  1. Scalability

The cloud is extremely scalable. It doesn’t require any large investments to add or remove resources and employees from the network.

  1. Security

Cloud providers that are in compliance with SOC2 and SSAE16, like IPR, have to meet certain requirements for monitoring and security. This ensures that your company has top of the line data protection.

  1. Freedom

Working within the cloud gives companies the freedom to not have to worry about hardware, system security, backup, disaster recovery, operating system upgrades, and more.

  1. Cost

The cloud can save you money over time. Instead of paying for huge hardware upgrades every few years, you pay monthly for your cloud IT service. It creates a more predictable cost when budgeting since it will be a fixed rate, rather than having to worry about having to shell out thousands for company-wide hardware upgrades and updates.

  1. Business Continuity

The cloud offers complete redundancy. It handles your backups and disaster recovery all in one.

  1. Mobility

In the digital age, we are expected to remain productive even when we are away from the office. With the right cloud solution, your work desktop, including applications and files, can be accessible from any device you sync to the cloud.

IPR offers many cloud-based solutions. Click here to learn more.

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