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Top 5 Ways Your Business Can Prevent a POS Cyber Attack

#1  Consumers should change PINs regularly. Credit card companies and issuers of debit cards may offer extra protection for consumers against fraudulent purchases and activity, so be sure to ask them about any added security features or plans you can add to your credit or debit card or account to make your credit card(s) or debit card(s) safer to use.

#2  Restrict access at the back end. When setting up and installing POS systems the default password should never be used, and the password should be as strong as possible and changed regularly to help prevent fraud. POS system access should be restricted to purely POS related activities, rather than general internet use by employees. Remote access to POS systems should be prohibited, since this significantly increases the chance of a system being compromised. 

#3  Implement appropriate security measures. Firewall or antivirus software helps prevent unauthorized access and identify potentially harmful programs. Merchants should ensure regular updates are made to their POS antivirus software.

#4  Keep POS updated and maintain monitored access. Software patches and POS software should be kept up to date. Limit authorized user access to your businesses POS system to make required security patch and POS software updates.

#5  Encrypt sensitive business and customer data being transferred on your POS system network. It is important that your POS system has an encrypting read head, since a cyber attack launched on a POS with an encrypting read head will result in the device being destroyed unless the cyber attacker is able to de-assemble the POS system in workshop conditions and replace microchips on the circuit board. Also make sure that your business website uses the latest data security encryption standards, such as HTTPS and SSL to help prevent hackers from stealing your customer’s sensitive personal and financial data. In addition, it is highly recommended that your business have a reputable IT security company run penetration testing on your POS network and POS devices to help ensure that your POS system is as secure as possible. After all, the future success of your business could depend on it, since data breaches can do irreparable harm to your businesses reputation and financial security. 

 Is Your Business Properly Safeguarded Against POS Cyber Attacks?

IPR International offers a robust and reliable suite of custom IT security solutions that will ensure that your critical business and customer data is protected from any future data breaches.

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