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                  Top 5 Benefits of Private Cloud Solutions

     1. Security

Private cloud solutions are more secure than public cloud solutions. How? Private cloud solutions secure and wall-off company IT resources – making them only available to a small proportion of individuals within the company. Public cloud solutions, such as Amazon’s Electric Compute Cloud (EC2) and Simple Storage (S2) allow many companies, simultaneously to access and share hosted IT services. While strict regulations have driven private cloud adoption in the healthcare and financial sector, non-regulated sectors are now facing state policies driven by increasing public pressure for companies to adopt stricter security policies around protecting customer information. (See “Local Companies Now Liable in the $1000s for Customer Identity Theft Damages)

     2. Flexibility and Scalability

Private cloud solutions are scalable enough to fit businesses of all sizes and who often have dynamic and unpredictable IT resource requirements. Private cloud scalability, not only, makes it easy and cost effective for companies to scale their cloud storage requirements up or down; it also provides convenient chargeback tools to accurately calculate IT data usage. In addition to security, these flexible and scalable private cloud tools provide a significant cost savings to companies looking to eliminate the overhead of deploying unnecessary IT resources. If you are looking for an on-site private cloud or a third-party private cloud solutions provider – check out IPR International. Our private cloud experts are here to help you formulate the best plan for your company.

   3. Reduced IT Capital Expenditures

The fixed monthly expense of private cloud solutions alleviates the often large IT capital expenditure needed to scale companies. For example, in order to scale, Air France recently switched to private cloud solutions to automate and increase the reliability of their 1,500 Linux servers. The move to a private cloud is expected to virtually eliminate the annual cost and overhead of installing and re-installing upwards of 500 servers.

   4. Complete Control of Mission Critical Data

Companies depending on the utmost control and security of their mission critical data are most obviously suited for private cloud solutions, such as: banks; law firms; hospitals; government; and financial institutions. Downtime and loss of access to data can mean significant losses. While strict data security standards, such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), have driven private cloud adoption, non-regulated sectors are now facing state policies driven by public pressure for companies to adopt stricter security policies around protecting customer information.

  5. Reliability

Tier III datacenters, such as IPR Secure, have a proven up-time of 99.99% and beyond. When choosing to migrate a portion or all of your company’s IT resources to a private cloud it is important to consider a datacenter’s security and infrastructure along with their back-up and disaster recovery plans. When vetting a private cloud provider also ask about the sustainability of their facility, redundant power, cooling and water supply. Talk to an IPR Secure private cloud expert or contact us for a facility tour!

IPR’s customized and secure private cloud solutions provide companies with secure and uninterrupted access to their mission critical business data. IPR enables businesses to become more agile and responsive in meeting the needs of their customers.

To learn more about our private cloud solutions visit our cloud services page or call us today! 877.282.4873.

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