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When migrating your IT infrastructure to the Cloud, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what the process entails to avoid mistakes and hiccups. The transition should be as smooth as possible.

Here are 5 major challenges to be aware of when considering cloud implementation:

1. Security and Compliance
It’s vital to understand how standardization and integration can drive adoption and help ensure adherence to regulations. Cloud implementation strategies should account for high-levels of detail when dealing with security frameworks or any IT infrastructures.

2. Availability and Reliability
Don’t overlook the fine print in service-level agreements! Make sure you have consistency across domains and applications. Nothing kills company momentum during a rollout like performance delays or downtime.

3. Integration with Existing Infrastructure
Make sure you know what’s needed from legacy apps and other systems. Sometimes, it’s not worth re-architecting an old application to work with the modernized cloud. It’s best to know before the change, rather than wait for something unexpected to happen.

4. Not Changing the Operational Model
When changing IT infrastructures, organizational and process changes are also crucial to the migration process. Make sure all parts of the organization understand the ramifications of moving key infrastructure to the cloud.

5. Limiting the Scope to Just IT Infrastructure
Be sure to think about apps that run inside of VMs. If your cloud implementation is only an IT project, its runtime will be short, and it will be less effective.

If all of this seems overwhelming, IPR offers numerous services to facilitate the cloud process. Click HERE to learn more!

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