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New Data-Centric DR Model that is Flexible and Affordable Means that Disasters Don’t have to Interrupt Business Anymore!

Conshohocken, PA, February 25, 2008 — IPR International, LLC, a recognized industry leader in Managed Data Protection Services, today announced the opening of IPR’s first, full-service Business Continuity Center near Reading, Pennsylvania. In addition, the company also announced a complete suite of managed services for business continuity, IPR’s Assured Recovery Services℠, for complete data protection.

The Business Continuity Center offers clients a new model for Disaster Recovery, built on the concept of each client having its own, dedicated recovery environment, rather than a shared environment. Clients at IPR’s Business Continuity Center will have access to a Tier 3+ datacenter, located two stories below ground in a high-security building, with workspace for over 1,000 people. This facility also allows clients to replicate, backup and/or archive their data electronically, keeping all data immediately available and accessible through the Internet or a dedicated connection.

“We do not believe that any of our clients should ever have to `recover’ from a `disaster’”, said Michael J. Emmi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of IPR International. “Companies still pay enormous amounts of money for the old, outdated model where access is “first come – first served.” The old model is often tape-based which means that it is painfully slow and labor-intensive with, at best, unpredictable results. Technology and times have changed where core business systems and data must be available 365x24x7 in order for an organization to be able to function at any level. Under IPR’s new model, we take advantage of today’s technology so that companies of all sizes can have immediate failover of their mission critical systems and their core business functions can continue operations, regardless of what has happened in their own production data center.”

The result of six years of work, IPR has built upon it’s suite of managed data protection services that makes client data immediately available and accessible from anywhere in the world. Client data is securely stored at IPR’s Business Continuity Center with an additional copy stored in another IPR data center. Thus, at all times, clients know that there are two “live” and accessible copies of their data available to them. Should a client’s production environment be inoperable, clients can access their data, either remotely from another location or at IPR’s BC Center, and resume operations in a fraction of the time afforded by the old, shared DR model.

IPR’s Business Continuity Center is easily accessible to New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and the DC area. This data center was built with redundancy in all areas and provides IPR clients with the security of one of the top recovery facilities on the east coast.

Unlike traditional DR companies, IPR’s focus goes beyond the facility infrastructure by helping clients to match the data protection solution set to the relative importance or value of their data. The company’s unique value focus places equal emphasis on the infrastructure and the data.

“The old DR model was based on the concept of multiple companies subscribing to have access to “like” equipment. That model worked when only one company had a failure at a time, but on 9/11 and again during the hurricane season of 2005, that model broke,” said Ray Lerro, IPR’s Vice President of Business Resiliency Services. “After a disaster, since not all data is “mission critical”, not all of it needs to be instantly available. IPR developed a new tiered model that we apply to the recovery process, creating what we call a “Recovery Roadmap” that allows our clients to resume operations in a methodic, logical and predictable manner. Mission critical business systems can be immediately available while the next level of data `value’ will be made available within hours and the really old data, the data stored for compliance or to conform to regulations, can be retrieved later on demand, as needed. By deploying virtualization technology, IPR can bring business continuity to organizations of all sizes at affordable prices.”

About IPR: IPR International is a recognized industry leader in Managed Data Protection Services. Through its comprehensive suite of solutions, IPR protects, preserves, secures and makes available client data at all times, no matter when or where the data was created and no matter when or where it is needed. Through constantly improving and evolving services and a passion for security, integrity, availability and ingenuity, IPR helps its clients maintain their own business operations and supports them through any interruptions. IPR is headquartered in Conshohocken, PA and serves clients in 17 countries worldwide.

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