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budgetToday’s post picks up on one of the items in the Top 10 list we ran earlier this week highlighting the headaches plaguing CTOs at today’s mid-sized firms. That post grew out of a recent “Jeffersonian” Dinner IPR hosted as part of its Thought Leadership Roundtable event series. In late January, in the tradition of Thomas Jefferson, IPR drew together a small group of big thinkers for dinner and discussion of some of the greatest challenges facing the IT industry today.

In a room filled with CIOs and CTOs from leading firms across a range of industries, one of the things we heard was that IT budgets are increasingly migrating to business units. But instead of being threatened by this migration, many of the executives in the room cited the trend as a positive one.

“There are no more ‘IT projects,’ only business projects,” said one IPR Thought Leadership member. “It’s actually better,” chimed in another. “It means we are more central to the business,” he added.

Indeed, CIOs and CTOs are seeing themselves more and more as strategists, not simply implementers of technology or gatekeepers to IT procurement. They are still accountable to IT costs, but they don’t need to own the budget.

Of course, as IT becomes more central to the business, CIOs and CTOs need to become better able to communicate in a language their business unit counterparts will understand. More on that—and the challenge that benchmarking IT projects can represent—in posts to come.

If you would like to learn more about IPR’s Thought Leadership Roundtable event series—or, even better, to take part—please let us know! Email [email protected] or call 877.282.4873. 

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