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If you’re like the CTOs of most mid-sized companies, you remember all too well what it was like to be the CTO of a small company. For many, those days aren’t that long ago. But what may have worked then just doesn’t cut it now that your firm has grown.

Take solace in the fact that you’re not alone. Here are some of the biggest headaches facing mid-size CTOs today. We think you’ll find yourself nodding in agreement as you read through the list. But remember, more than simply headaches, these are growing pains that signify that you are on your way to something bigger and better. Plus, many of the pain points below are things IPR can help you tackle. 


10. Having a hand in everything IT-related is simply no longer feasible—or optimal.
9.  In a growing company, struggles with scale can cost you flexibility and responsiveness.
8.  The process of integrating increasingly complex IT systems threatens to take over your job.
7.  To be effective, you need to step out of a reactive, “put out the fire” role and into a strategic leadership role.
6.  It’s hardbut timeto shake your outdated image as a cost-cutting MacGyver of the early 2000s, capable of building anything out of duct tape and paper clips.
5.  Getting your Board to expand its view of IT beyond what it costs or how it works takes a new language you haven’t quite mastered.
4.  All of the sudden, your job is less about building stuff and more about being involved in the financials of what hits what line.
3.  IT budgets are migrating to business units—but wait, is that really a bad thing?
2.  Measuring IT success requires a set of metrics that doesn’t seem to exist.
1.  You tell us. That’s right. We want to know the biggest headache you face today. Better yet, we want to make it vanish. Call 877.282.4873 right now to find out how IPR can help.

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