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disruptivetechnologiesAs a business leader, you are always looking for new growth strategies and improvement. In the era of big data, disruptive technologies and data breaches, the hurdles you undoubtedly handle daily are taxing and may require the skills of a prophet and peacemaker, delivered ninja-fast. How are you measuring up?

Quiz Yourself:

  • What are the barriers affecting performance and growth?
  • Do the structure, alignment and scorecards of your organization align with mission-critical tasks?
  • What methodology are you using to get all critical tasks in alignment with your organizational strategy?
  • What cultural elements need to change to accomplish your business objectives?
  • How realistic are your strategies to execute?

The synergy of your strategy and execution is paramount to its success. Failures happen when strategies are devised that cannot be executed for a variety of reasons: unrealistic expectations, limited resources, the wrong resources, not enough manpower, etc. It is important to check yourself — reel yourself back in — and make sure there is a realistic alignment between your strategy and ability to execute.

You don’t make money on strategy. You make money on execution.

It’s all about organization alignment.

Question: Is your core method fact based? This allows you to get at core behaviors.

You need to move very quickly from talking about strategy to getting it done.

But how can you do this?

Idea: help your team as a team. Help them communicate. Clarify their roles and make sure they understand them. Give them the resources they need to carry out their responsibilities.

How many times have you heard a team member say (to paraphrase): “I’ve been given all these responsibilities without the authority or resources to accomplish them. I’ve been set up for failure.”

  • Dozens
  • At least ten
  • A few times
  • Once
  • Never

The way you answer this question can reveal a great deal about yourself and your communication style. It also depends on your philosophy as a leader. Are you a roll-up-my-shirtsleeves-and-dive-in-with- the-team-in-the-pit kind of leader? Or, are you too backlogged to listen to your team? You may find yourself on one end of the spectrum or somewhere in between. But the question to ask yourself, is, is this where I want to be? Is this how I want to be perceived by my peers and those who rely on me?

Either way, it’s best to look at things in a more open way in terms of building a culture of innovation. You can gain a much deeper engagement enterprise-wide in that you can renew yourself and open yourself to innovate. This can give you the freedom to enjoy tangible results that accelerate business performance and growth.

Embrace change within yourself as much as you embrace the change brought about by disruptive technologies and become a better leader as a result.



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