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PH_banner2Have your IT operations grown in fits and starts, leaving you with a crazy mix of networks, systems, and storage devices that are impossible to manage? Does it feel like you need new hardware every time you turn around? Are you outgrowing your data center space? Or maybe you really need to be using that space for employees instead of servers?

Join the club. CIOs at corporations in every industry are feeling the same pain points—and those are just a few of them. Some don’t have adequate cooling for their high-density equipment, some are running out of power, some have come to realize that having all of their data on premise in a single location places them at risk in the event of a disaster.

Still others find themselves being asked to forecast demand that is hugely variable. Many are under pressure to reduce their IT spend. And what about talent? Is having your IT staff spending 70 percent of its time on maintenance really the best use of skills and expertise? Wouldn’t you rather have them focused on mission-critical business objectives that drive growth?

Don’t let these headaches drive you to language that would offend your grandmother. There’s a better answer: IPR Secure Cloud.

IPR Secure Cloud is an innovative VCloud powered cloud solution that combines the comfort, convenience, and control of VMware’s VCloud® Director infrastructure with the best-of-breed hardware, robust security, and redundancy IPR is known for.

In place of equipment refresh challenges, IPR Secure Cloud gives you infrastructure from providers like EMC, Cisco, and NetApp that you couldn’t afford in your own data center. In place of a degrading environment, you get structurally hardened, redundant, Tier III facilities protected by multiple layers of virtual and physical security. And all of this comes with 7x24x365 support from trained experts.

Unlike other cloud offerings, our VCloud-powered IPR Secure Cloud lets you purchase resources as you need them and provision them in exactly the same way you would in your own data center. In fact, you can control your physical and cloud environments simultaneously using a single pane of glass—the vSphere control panel you already know and understand.

With IPR Secure Cloud, you’re allocated a total amount of disk space, compute resources, and memory, which you can distribute among virtual servers however you see fit. If one server needs more memory or disk space, all it takes to add it is a few mouse clicks.

The agility and flexibility you gain with IPR Secure Cloud will help you optimize resources, increase efficiency, and cut costs. Of course, moving to the cloud also lets you slash capital expenditure, regain valuable real estate, reduce your dependence on physical infrastructure, and free up your IT staff for innovative initiatives that can propel your business forward. With increased availability and uptime, you can count on performance gains as well.

What are you waiting for? Let IPR help you out of the hard spot you find yourself in—and into The Cloud. IPR Secure Cloud.

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