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loss of power

During the first blizzard of 2015, Nantucket, the Massachusetts resort island (roughly 35 miles south of Cape Cod) lost all of its electrical power. It was one of the areas hardest hit by the New England blizzard. We all know what happens when a residence loses power, but what about a business?

When a residence loses power due to Mother Nature, the only thing to do is to simply wait until power returns. While this holds tried and true for people, unfortunately, businesses and companies cannot afford to play the waiting game. Sudden power loss increases the chance for data corruption and is a nightmare for businesses. If the servers need to be restored from backup and there is not a recent backup available, the company can suffer catastrophic losses.

System backup is an important topic for all businesses, both small and large.  Power losses can lead to data corruption which will be costly from service interruption and, of course, valuable time spent trying to restore the lost data.

Ponemon Institute conducted a study of 41 data centers to determine how much money companies lose per minute of unplanned outages. Based on their study, the cost of an unplanned outage per minute is a little over $5,000 per incident on average; the most expensive cost is over $11,000.1 The best way to avoid this type of loss is prevention and IPR can help.

This is the time to consider what could happen if your business loses power, any natural disaster or even power grid issues.  We specialize in disaster recovery and have been in the backup and disaster recovery business for over 12+ years; not once have we lost power in our data centers.

  1. Downtime, Outages and Failures – Understanding Their True Costs


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