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This infographic maps 2015 trends on functions used and being implemented in the cloud: 
2015 Top 10 Benefits of Moving Your Business To The Cloud

flexible2#1 FLEXIBILITY  
Cloud service companies, such as IPR International, have an expansive network of data centers specifically designed to provide the necessary data resources and the flexibility companies need to quickly scale-to-need without expensive hardware purchases and upgrades to meet their ever changing data demands. In a recent Information Week survey 65% of respondents indicated that an important reason to move to the cloud was, “the ability to quickly meet business demands”.

protected2#2 SECURITY 
Today companies expect, more than ever, their cloud service providers to protect customer data by performing automatic backups; multi-factor authentication; physical protection; advanced encryption; and identity and access management controls. Cloud service companies like IPR International constantly perform penetration testing and enable continuous auditing for complete visibility of their infrastructure, which allows for improved compliance with IT security industry standards, such as HIPAA and PCI DSS.

redundancy2#3 DISASTER RECOVERY  Companies relying on cloud service providers for their disaster recovery issues are able to significantly speed up their disaster recovery efforts. A recent Aberdeen Group Study found that businesses running in the cloud were able to resolve disaster recovery issues in 2.1 hours, compared to 8 hours for those who didn’t rely on cloud service providers for their disaster recovery issues. The same study also found that medium-sized businesses were able to recover almost twice as fast as large enterprises.

transactions2#4 CAPITAL EXPENDITURE FREE  Cloud services “pay-as-you-go” model increases cost predictability and significantly reduces the costly overhead of updating and maintaining a company’s traditional IT infrastructure and security.

#5 AUTOMATIC SOFTWARE UPDATES  Cloud service companies are in the business of business continuity. Server maintenance and security updates are executed seamlessly and without disrupting business productivity.

connect2#6 INCREASED COLLABORATION  Cloud services enable and increase productivity with real-time business collaboration. Companies and their employees are able to collaborate on shared documents and retrieve critical business information from anywhere, anytime and on any device. A  Frost & Sullivan  survey found that companies who invested in collaboration technology saw a ROI of 400%.

#7 COMPETITIVENESS  The cloud provides SMBs greater access to enterprise quality technology and allows smaller companies to respond faster to customer demands than their larger and more established competitors.

cloud-vpn2#8 WORK FROM ANYWHERE  Cloud service providers allow companies to quickly scale their business beyond the four walls of their operation. Companies of all sizes are now able to compete like never before. Having access to data from anywhere allows companies to become more responsive and provide world class customer experience to customers and suppliers.

cloud-dns2#9 ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY  Companies using cloud services for data storage only use the server space they need, which greatly reduces their carbon footprint.  Using the cloud results in a 30% reduction in energy consumption and carbon emissions than companies using on-site servers.  For SMBs using cloud storage services their energy consumption and carbon emissions is likely 90% less.

networking2#10 DOCUMENT CONTROL  According to a Forrester Consulting study “73% of knowledge workers collaborate in different time zones and regions at least once a month”.  Document management and version control can become a challenge.  Cloud collaboration services allow employees to easily access and collaborate on documents securely and in real-time.



Whether your company is interested in just moving part or all of its IT infrastructure or services to the cloud, IPR International delivers a robust and comprehensive suite of IT cloud solutions that can be tailored to meet the specific infrastructure, performance, and cost requirements of your business.  To learn more about our cloud services visit:


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